We have advanced technology and know-how for emergency repair and running maintenance

We are overseas seller for new and 2ndrecondition HYD. Motor and pump. We purchased damaged spare part and renewed for 2ndmachinery.
  1. 1.Japanese maker
  2. 2.European maker
Our technician will show you outstanding job during your emergency situation on board and at site for as below ;
  1. 1.Winch and windlass
  2. 2.Provision and hose handling crane
  3. 3.Cargo crane
  4. 4.Cargo pump hydraulic power pack for chemical and oil tanker.


What is the Epoxy coating
  • An epoxy coating is a type of thick protective material that’s used to cover things from bottom, anything from floors/bottom/deck and major appliances to small area, to protect them from damage or wear down. There are many different types of color available, but almost all are made of epoxy resins, a chemical class of materials more formally known as polyepoxides.
  • Along with being very durable, these resinsa real sousually resistant tothings like rustand scratch and chemical / mechanically damage. Most are alsorelatively easy touse. They typically start out as either a concentrated liquid or powder that manufacturers blend, then paintor spray over the surface to be coated. In most cases drying time is relatively quick and reapplication is seldom if ever necessary.
Apply to below
  1. 1. House repair or new construction
  2. 2. Deck and floor for yacht and boat
  3. 3. Store / factory / café / Gymnasium / Art gallery / Dress room / play ground
How to coat by Epoxy
  • Remove of exist floor / tiles / cement / stone / wood……
  • Protection / Cleaning and 1st coat
  • Mix with Epoxy and 2nd coat
  • Final coat and finish.


Young-Do Jonghap corp. provides freight transportation, warehousing, global logistics,
and supply chain management solutions through a worldwide network of talented and caring professionals.

MSC, USNS, MAERSK LINE ,Our very first partner, tops a list of loyal customers that span a variety of industries, including energy, manufacturing, assembly, heavy industrial, food, wholesale, retail, technology, and many others. Logistics Plus offers a breadth of simple, reliable, and affordable services, including trucking, expedited freight, air and ocean freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, project cargo, import/export, and global trade compliance.

Young-Do Jonghap Corp. (Y.D), We have quick network for land/sea transportation. Our operation disciplined team principally in Korea market by providing superior logistics services, at an economical value, without ever compromising its core values of quality, ethics, and social responsibility.

The vision of cooperation includes plans to remain a privately-owned organization that acts as and leads the global marketplace in the production of quality logistic solutions by strategic use of resources, development and implementation of automation systems, and training for every project.

Y.D has the ability to grasp present opportunities and project the future, while communicating the changes that will provide Y.D a leadership and skill.


We're ready for response our customers of any inquiry any time any parts..
Specially we are specialist and expert for as below contents.;

  1. 1.A/S, repair and technical comment/advise for ship`s machineries
  2. 2.Ship sale and purchasing
  3. 3.Sea transportation ( including offshore construction by barge or towing)
  4. 4.Class survey and insurance matter ( including sea collision)
  5. 5.Agency and owner protect matter in Korea port.
  6. 6.Scrap and demolition yard
  1. 7.Arrange of dry dock for repair in worldwide.
  2. 8.Purchase of 2nd reconditioned machineries.(Specially HYD. motor and pump)
  3. 9.US/USS/USNS contract consulting
  4. 10.New ship building, refurbishment and upgrade/conversion engineering work.
  5. 11.Epoxy coating and interior for building.